Notice of Privacy

Notice of Privacy Practices

Nondiscrimination and Language Assistance

Arthritis Associates has arranged for language assistance services including interpretation services for the deaf and hearing impaired and patients with language barriers. If you need assistance, please contact our office to arrange these services.


We ask that you request refills for any medications from your physician at the time of your follow-up visit whenever possible. This allows the physician to review your medications with you. You may also ask your pharmacist to electronically request your refills via our ePrescribe network. If you have signed up for our Patient Portal, you may request refills via the portal.

If necessary, prescription refills can be requested by calling the office during regular office hours and leaving a message on our refill line. When calling about medications, please have your pharmacy's telephone number ready and your medication name and dose available to expedite matters.

Prescription refills should not be requested except during regular office hours. Most medications, including pain medications, will not be refilled outside our regular office hours, including Holidays.



Fees are based on the complexity of your evaluation plus any laboratory or radiological evaluations required. Our fees are in keeping with the usual and customary charges for evaluations in our field. We do our best to keep medical costs down for our patients. We expect patients to pay their bills at the time services are rendered.


Please bring your insurance cards with you at each visit. We do accept Medicare assignment as well as some PPO plans. If you have standard Medicare (not a Medicare Advantage Plan) or another insurance plan we participate with, you will be responsible for only your deductible and/or copay amount at the time of your visit. You may check with your plan before your visit to see if we are "in-network" or call our insurance department.

If we are out of network or have other insurance or no insurance, you will be responsible for your charges in full at the time of service. If an authorization or referral is needed before we can see you, you must contact your insurance company to obtain the authorization before the date of your visit. We do not accept TennCare and we do not accept Medicare Advantage or Medicare Fee for Service plans.

Our doctors do not evaluate Worker's Compensation cases and we do not accept any third-party claims such as accident cases. Any case you have with these claims is strictly a settlement between you and the payor and you are responsible for payment to us at the time of service. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa and American Express

Disability Forms

Some forms, such as disability forms, attending physician statements or requests for copies of records will involve a fee due to the time and expense involved in fulfilling requests. You will be notified of the exact charge prior to completion of the form.

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